emily kaczmarek

soft target

Something bad has happened to 9-year-old Amanda, and her toys— stuffed penguin Jonah; American Girl Doll Molly; trusted Diary; and newcomer Ugly, a weighted “emotional support” bunny— find their once-peaceful world thrown into darkness and chaos. A play about childhood, guns, and all the wounds we can’t see.


Reeling from the loss of their volatile mother, Kali and Simone are at odds as to whether to sell their costly childhood home. They compromise by renting out the attic, and into their lives walks Jo, an accomplished young war reporter. But her reasons for moving in are more complex than the sisters know. A formally inventive exploration of grief and redemption, Afterwords is the story of three women bound by notes scribbled down on paper, and the art we make from the love that makes us. Music & lyrics by Zoe Sarnak. Directed by Adrienne Campbell-Holt.

sam & lizzie

Ten-year-old classmates Sam and Lizzie have their first (accidental) playdate on 9/11, co-creating an imaginary queendom called Elmazi in order to make sense of the day. Over the next twenty years, the game recurs at startling intervals as the two women navigate their fierce, fraught, electric friendship.


In a near-future America ravaged by climate change, teenagers Blue, Nico, and Casey steal a boat and set sail to escape the flooded New York City. A swashbuckling musical odyssey about friendship, survival...and the future of civilization. Music and lyrics by Zoe Sarnak. WP Theatre Commission.

american kids

On the 4th of July, two survivors of school shootings wait for fireworks to start. A short play about the casualties of patriotism.

anything new

Six friends reunite, a few years post-college. One of them is dead. All of them are wondering: what now? A play about ghosts, silent meditation, and letting go.